My monthly book review: The Best of Me

One of my new year’s resolutions was to read a book every month…. I’ve failed. I just finished my book from January and haven’t even started one for February but I still hope I can catch up.

The book I read was “The Best of Me” by Nicholas Sparks, please don’t think that I took too long to finish this book because it was bad, that’s not the case. It was really good, I’m just a procrastinator, shame on me!! I haven’t watch the movie yet but I hope it does justice to the book. Spoiler alert!! Below I wrote a brief synopsis of the book, I don’t think it gives out any major plot points but you never know.

The book is about the love story between Amanda, the daughter of a privileged family, and Dawson, a boy from a very troubled family. Of course they fall crazy in love, opposites attract and it wouldn’t be such an intense relationship if the parents were ok with them being together, we like forbidden love!! I know this sounds a lot like “The Notebook” which makes sense since it’s from the same writer, but despite their similarities and wouldn’t say it’s the same story.

The book also explores the lives of other people in the town of Oriental, North Carolina, somewhere in the middle you may ask why do I need to know all these stories but at the end everything makes sense. I believe it was a perfect ending, I was bursting into tears while a read it. I didn’t even think that I would end the book last night, but I was so caught in the drama I fall asleep at 12:45am, that’s really late for me.

If you haven’t read this book and you like this type of love story, then I recommend you to buy it, on the other hand it could be a little cheesy for some people, not for me, I’m a hopeless romantic. Now I’m looking for a new book to read before February is over, do you have any suggestions?


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