Oops I did it again!!

Hello everybody!! Monday is the best day of the week, said no one ever, don’t get me wrong is not that I don’t like Monday’s, I just wish weekends were longer. Speaking of weekends mine was pretty cool, until the snow storm happened. Right now I’m trying to figure out how to open my backyard window without getting all that snow on my carpet (those little footprints are from my neighbor Mr. Rabbit)


On friday after doing our grocery shopping, we bought pizza (oops #1) and watched Sleepless in Seattle, love that movie, those were Meg Ryan’s golden years!! If only love was magical as it is in movies… oh wait! I had a romantic love story with my husband, very worthy of a movie. My husband and I met in Ecuador through friends, and after a couple of weeks he moved to Wisconsin, but we decided to try a long distance relationship and we succeed!! (romantic right?) I think we have a blockbuster in our hands. Ed Westwick will play my husband and Leighton Meester will play me (I’m a Gossip Girl fan) we look just like them!! (in my dreams, lol!)


Coming back to reality, on Saturday, we felt guilty about that pizza and we went to the gym but it was full, what a bummer :D, instead we took a walk around our neighborhood. Just imagine how guilty we felt that we walk for more than an hour in the cold!! I think we burned more calories from our bodies trying to be warm than from walking, but we had a blast, we always do. After our walk we went home but there was nothing to do, so we thought let’s go Downtown!! and walk even more!! It was a good idea, I got a spaghetti measure, which I think is the best invention of the century!! I always cook too much spaghetti, I can never get it right, who does? Then we watched Scream, and went to sleep with a knife under the pillow.


It was a good thing that we went out on Saturday, because next day we were trapped at home. We tried to go out, but Mother Nature said NO, not today, you had enough fun yesterday. While we walked back to our apartment building, I threw myself on the snow and made a snow angel, take that Mother Nature, we had fun after all!! Mmm not the best snow angel I know.


Everybody knows that a snow storm requires comfort food, but a snow storm on Super Bowl day means eating everything you have at home without remorse!! And so we did that! (oops #2) We had french toasts with bacon, guacamole and chips, totino’s pizza rolls, and since we were on diet we had baked salmon, moyashi (soy sprouts) and gyozas for dinner… and mochi for dessert (diet right!!).


That was my awesome and not so healthy weekend, how was yours? Did you had a lot of snow in your area? Did your team won the Super Bowl? Did you cry during the Budweiser puppy ad? Did you eat as much as I did? Tell me you did so I don’t feel so bad please!! 😀 Have a nice week!!!


6 thoughts on “Oops I did it again!!

  1. We had a great Super Bowl Party! Temps today 73 degrees, sunny! Many of my blogging friends live up North. In NJ, NY, Mass. Ohio, PA. and getting massive cold and snow! Stay safe and warm. Your Florida Friend, Cheryl.


  2. Sounds like a pretty awesome weekend if you ask me. I love the view from the window of the snow and I could use one of those spaghetti measures.

    Well, I live in Taiwan so I don’t even know if the Superbowl was televised here. However, my weekend was filled with walking around town and enjoying the Chinese New Year decorations popping up everywhere.


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