I’m in a food comma….

Happy Monday everybody!! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I’m sorry to hear the East Coast is having a major winter storm, make sure you stay at home and have enough food and water to survive it. In order to explain the tittle of this post I have to tell you about my weekend. On Friday we went crazy and hit a Chinese buffet!! I had a soup that was really good, I’m already looking for a recipe to try and share with you. We’re not used to going to buffets because we feel a little guilty after eating that much food, but that day I was supposed to cook for dinner an Ecuadorian dish called “Seco de Pollo” it’s like a chicken stew served with rice, but I forgot to buy rice!!! So dinner was not possible, and it was too late to start a new meal, so we thought, what the heck let’s go to that new Chinese buffet.

On Saturday we got out of bed feeling like we ate an elephant, so we kept our breakfast simple, hit the gym and watched Friends for hours and hours! (Netflix added all the seasons, how cool is that?) After our Friends marathon, I started making dinner (the Seco de Pollo we couldn’t eat last night). I don’t know if you will be interested in learning some Ecuadorian dishes, but if you are let me know I’ll be glad to post some recipes with step by step pictures. Sometimes I feel homesick and eating a dish from my country helps me a lot, thank God I know how to cook them! This is not the best picture (I wasn’t planning on posting it) but believe me when I say IT WAS GOOD, the chicken is under that chunky yummy sauce, made of vegetables, beer (yes, beer!) and passion fruit juice. On top of the brown rice are some delicious fried ripe plantains (and more sauce!).


Even though we had a great dinner, we felt like having dessert! So I baked Heath cookies!! I found a recipe for cookies on a Ghirardelli chocolate chips pack that sounded pretty good so I tried it and replace the chocolate chips with Heath bits. Best cookies ever!! mmm… what cookie is not the best cookie ever, nevermind, the thing is that we had cookies for dessert that night, for breakfast the next day, at dinner again, and we STILL have lots of cookies. I accidentally made the whole recipe, which made… 3 DOZEN cookies!!! so bye-bye diet it was good meeting you, see you on February again.


On Sunday, after dinner (we had baked beans with steak, yum) we watched Miss Universe!! well I watched it, Rintaro wasn’t too into it. I don’t want to sound mean, but the show was super tacky!! The opening was a mess, the scenario was small and not worthy of a pageant like Miss Universe, they picked the worst judges in the history of pageants. I was looking forward to watch it and then saw this whole mess on screen, I was so disappointed. Of course I was rooting for Miss Ecuador and Miss USA, but by the time they announced the top 5, I was hypnotized by Miss Jamaica, she looked so effortless beautiful and elegant!! The question round was terrible!! I won’t even talk more about it. When they announced Miss Jamaica as 4th runner-up I was shocked!! The public started booing, you could see Miss Peru in the back shaking her head in disapproval, no one could believe what was going on. #MissJamaicaShouldHaveWon

That was my weekend, my “I don’t care about my diet” weekend!! What can I say I’m a food lover, and despite my head saying NOOO, my appetite seems to win the battle always. I see a detox in my near future!! Have a nice day!!


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