Zombies…. Zombies everywhere!!!

It’s so cold outside!! I went out to drive my husband to work and immediately regret not wearing more layers. The windshield and windows were covered in ice and snow and my poor husband had to scrape all of it, I was too sleepy to handle anything else besides the fact that I was cold. The whole time I was thinking: “I’m not cold.. I’m not cold.. who am I kidding it’s freezing.. this heater it’s taking too long to warm up.. I promise next time I’ll wear more layers”, all that went through my mind in less than 5 minutes (felt more like half an hour).

I’ll stop whining about the weather because I wanted to tell you about my weekend. If I had to sum it up in one word it would be: ZOMBIES. Rintaro and I started watching “The Walking Dead” a couple of weeks ago (it’s never too late!!!), and we’re hooked!!! Last night we struggled to turn off the TV, we are that obsessed. We are on season 3 right now, and last weekend we watched it day and night, I’ve been dreaming with zombies and I’m convinced that I’m not strong enough to survive the zombie apocalypse. My favorite character is Daryl, at first I thought he would be bad guy but he turned out to be kind (in his own way) and funny!! The only thing I’m not able to do while watching “walkers” getting killed is eat, if you’ve seen the show you know what I mean.

We stopped our Walking Dead marathon to enjoy our cheese tray and watch Nothing Hill. It was a perfect little date night. I had caviar for the first time and I loved it!! We bought fig jam and green olive pâté at Eataly the last time we were in Chicago. If you’ve never been to Eataly YOU HAVE TO. Why we haven’t been there before, I don’t know, but it was so good that we went twice the same day.

cheese tray
Right now I’m drinking my coffee and watching Live with Kelly & Michael, it’s my favorite morning show, I love their chemistry on-screen, they’re funny and approachable, anyone who says otherwise is crazy!! Note to myself: buy Michael’s coffee mug.

On that screenshot, they were talking about a couple that won more than 300 million dollars in a lottery, how bananas is that!!! I would love to win the lottery (one million sounds amazing right?) but that much money… I would live in fear all the time.

I wish you a Happy Tuesday, I hope you liked my Homemade Lasagna recipe from yesterday, tell me if you try it!! Xoxo.


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