New Year, New Look

Hello my lovely readers! I decided to start this year with a makeover, as you can see I changed the theme of my blog and I love how it looks, specially my new logo, which I made with a little help of my husband. This year I want to invest more time on my blog and I’m doing some research to find ways to improve it. In the meantime, since this is the first post of the year, I wanted to share my New Year resolutions with you, maybe we have a couple in common!

We all can relate!! =D

Is this familiar? =D

  1. Dedicate more time to my blog: I really enjoy posting but I’m in desperate need of a schedule, I’m already working on it.
  2. Try new recipes: My family and friends think I know a lot of recipes, but I need to step up my game, specially since a big part of my blog is about cooking.
  3. Finish my college degree: I’m so close!! I can’t wait to have that diploma in my hand.
  4. Drink two liters of water a day: I know this sounds like an easy resolution but it’s actually harder than it sounds.
  5. Use my Thighmaster everyday!!: Oh yeah, I have the Thighmaster, and its been sitting in a dark corner of my closet for too long. Perfect thighs, here I come!
  6. Read a new book every month: I doubt about this one because it’s a huge commitment but if not now when! I’m accepting suggestions.
  7. Work on my photography skills: I’m a terrible photographer (my husband agrees) so this year I want to learn how to shoot nice pictures, decent at least!

There you have, my New Year resolutions, by the end of the year I’ll post how they turn out, hopefully I’ll accomplish at least 6 of 7 (fingers crossed). Why don’t you leave me a comment with your New Year resolution, lets give each other some support!!

I hope this year will be full of wonderful moments and lots of blessings for all of you. HAPPY 2015!!

Happy 2015!! Thank You @mber89 for letting me use your pic!!

Happy 2015!! Photo by: Ma. Belen Estrella (instagram:@mber89)


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