Take me back to the Windy City

Hi everyone!!! This past few days I’ve been busy doing Christmas shopping. This will be the first time I celebrate in Wisconsin, last Christmas we spent it in New York (it was our honeymoon too!).

I didn’t forget I promised to tell you about my Thanksgiving weekend in Chicago!! We spent Thanksgiving at home and went Black Friday shopping. We hit Old Navy’s, Target and Walmart. On Saturday we drove to Chicago and met my sister-in-law and her husband, which was a great idea!!!

We first stopped atShake Shack (it recently opened in Chicago). The place was packed! We waited in line outside on the curb to get in, the line went almost around the block but it moved pretty fast, although finding a table was more challenging, thankfully my sister in-law found one (more like fought for one 😂) right before our food was ready. I ordered a single SmokeShack and a vanilla shake, both where amazing!!! I didn’t notice the burger had a spicy sauce until my first bite and even though I’m not a spicy lover, I really liked it. I was bummed that I didn’t order a double instead, I wanted more!!!!

Once we finished we went to The Art Institute of Chicago, the atmosphere was captivating, at first we got lost inside but then I turned on my human GPS skills 😂 and took the two hour tour, which included 12 of the best and brightest exhibitions of the Art Institute’s Collection.


What a beautiful day!!

Since we where in Millennium Park, we made a stop to see The Cloud Gate, more known as “The Bean”. It wasn’t my first time in Chicago, but God knows why I haven’t visited this sculpture before. Not only it was beautiful but we had a blast taking pictures!!


You, Me and The Bean

We couldn’t leave Chicago without seeing some Christmas Lights, so we visited the Lincoln Park ” Zoolights”. The strings of lights and bright displays were beautiful and being in the zoo after dark made it more interesting. It was really something special, the best part: FREE ADMISSION.


It's not the best pic but I needed to show you some of lights

All the touring got us hungry, so we had dinner at Avec. Food was amazing, seriously, AMAZING. We waited no more than 20 minutes to be seated, keep in mind that you share a table with other people, which was perfectly fine for us, and you HAVE to share the food with your party, we learned that the hard way, because our waitress was in complete shock (and a little rude) when each couple wanted to order their own plates.


This skyline's on fireeeee!! 🎼

Chicago is a beautiful city, full of life, culture and entertainment. If you decide to visit (You must!!), be sure to plan ahead, there’s so much to do, you’ll really want to squeeze every second you’re there.

I hope y’all have a great week!!


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