From Disney with love

As you remember I was in Orlando trying to enjoy the weather, but mother nature had a different plan. I only got one day of sunshine, after that it was chilly and rainy, all that crazy weather got me sick (that’s why I haven’t posted in two weeks) but it didn’t stop me from going to Disney, heell no!

I love Disney!!! It’s such a magical place and as cheesy as it may sound, I do believe dreams come true there. I went with my brother Alfonso and my sister Angela.

Our first stop was Animal Kingdom, if you’re going to Disney only for the day as we did (yeah we’re crazy people), be sure to visit this park first because it closes earlier than the others. My favorite show is “Festival of The Lion King” don’t ask me why, but I always cry on it.


Take me back!!!

Animal Kingdom wouldn’t be completed without a Safari right?, one word: breathtaking. My mouth was open the whole ride, and it wasn’t my first time there, what can I say, Disney magic… never gets old.


I’d love to upload all the pictures but there are so many!!! Let me know if you want more and I promise I’ll do an entire picture post about Disney.


I tried taking a picture "holding" the ball... It wasn't pretty

Second stop Epcot, yes I said Epcot, I know a lot of people underestimate this park but it has some really cool attractions. Our favorite is Mission: Space, believe me when I said it’s out of this world. We also got on The Sum of all Thrills, you design your own virtual rollercoaster. I did mine with my brother, obviously it was full of twists, ups and downs, we named it “TurboScreamer” (read it with special effects voice).


Behold the TurboScreamer!!!!

I have a little of motion sickness so I got out of Epcot with some nausea… Totally worth it. By the time we arrived to Disney Hollywood Studios I was starving and nothing calms a hungry stomach like a turkey leg. Good Lord those turkey legs!!! You can see our overexcited faces.


Nom nom nom!!! I love you guys... the turkey legs not my siblings 😂 just kidding!!

After that we got in the Rock n’ Roller coaster and The Twilight Zone Tower… Yes I got nauseous again.


Love the old Hollywood vibe

We saved Magic Kingdom for last so we could see the fireworks… bad idea, the park was closed for a special Christmas event, but you know, I was so happy with our day so far that it didn’t matter, also it wasn’t my first time on Disney, otherwise I would’ve cried like a baby.


Santa Claus is coming to town!! I arranged the vases!!

I love Orlando but most of all I love my family and I missed them so much, it was amazing seeing them, putting up their Christmas decorations and hugging mommy and daddy. My fly home was tired and delayed, thank you snow storm!!


Despite the snow it feels good being home

Well that was the end of my trip… Or not!! I went to Chicago the weekend of Thanksgiving and of course I got some pretty pictures for you guys, I’ll tell you all about it on the next post (promise it won’t take two weeks). See ya!!


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