Hello Orlando!!!

While Wisconsin is freezing and buried in snow, I’m enjoying the warm and perfect weather of Florida!! I forgot what was like to go out without a sweater on.
So far this trip has been awesome, the airline played “Frozen” on my flight which was a WIN!! My mom received me with a lobster ceviche, DOUBLE WIN, and I got new shoes!!! What else can I ask for? (besides Mickey Mouse)


Aren't they cute? The cost around $12 in Ross

Since I watched “Chef” with my husband, we got obsessed with trying an authentic Cuban sandwich, so I yelped (not a real word I know) Best Cuban Sandwich and found a dinner called ZAZA. Flavor wise the sandwich was good, not sure if I’d recommend it, first it didn’t have enough pork and second it wasn’t pressed, maybe I’m being too picky considering I’m comparing it to something I saw on a movie but what can I say, I expected more. The place had Latin music on and nice Cuban vibe, nothing much fancy, it’s a dinner after all.


I’ll be posting more about this trip and a recipe for the best baked BBQ ribs next week.

Have a nice weekend!!!


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