Happy Halloween!!!

What a spooky morning!! Did anybody else woke up with SNOW outside!! OMG I’m so not ready for winter, I’m on denial.


Since this is my first Halloween here, my husband and I thought that we should start a family tradition, say hello to our first pumpkin!!!


It was so much fun because we had no idea of what to do. I bought a kit on Menards that had some sort of knife to cut the pumpkin, it was only $2, it worked perfectly. We cut a circle on the top and scraped the inside with an ice cream scoop and our hands, then we draw our face with dry erase marker and cut it (my strong husband did all the cutting =D ), after that I cleaned the outside of the pumpkin with alcohol. We put a candle inside and voilĂ !!!
Mine lasted a couple of weeks before it started to look like this

You had a good life pumpkin!!

You had a good life pumpkin!!

It was so funny to see that it had no teeth!! But the inside looked pretty gross.
I hope you all have a really nice weekend and a Happy Halloween!!!


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